Cynderella Pool and Spa, the first twenty years

Happy January 2015! As I write my first Cynderella Blog post I am looking back on the 20 plus years that Cynderella Pool and Spa has been in business.  My husband John, the Fella, of Cynderella and myself, Cyndi, started Cynderella Pool and Spa when our children were babies. Today we are basically empty nesters, sometimes.  There are so many great stories I want to share as I drug my children along with me on my many pool adventures.  Some of these stories are funny and some, well let's just say I feel a bit sorry for my kids. So what is going on now.  Well, it is January and most of the country is frozen, but not us.  We are lucky to live in sunny, warm, Southern California.  Here we don't close down our pools for the winter we just gear up for a slightly different season.  Here at … [Read more...]